As we help business grow across industries, we’ve begun to see the unique value of working at the nexus of customer-focused, innovative thinking and deep growth marketing technical expertise. This means that we often see things others don’t at a time when CMOs, teams and leaders across disciplines increasingly need this kind of visibility. Our ability to dig in and figure things out is a core reason why we are able to bring what we see to life.

We’ve been drawn to the concept of learning in public as a way to break down silos of information across all of our work while pushing our own thinking. Learning in public is exactly what it sounds like: everything we learn that could provide value within and beyond our team will be placed in this operating system, rather than disappearing forever in Slack archives, Google Drive, or slide decks.

Feel free to explore on our learnings, thoughts, and ideas around learning in public. And if you’re looking for more, our friend Tom Critchlow also has a great podcast episode on the “why” behind learning in public. Let us know if you have any questions about the Part and Sum OS. You can reach out to Jim Babb to continue the conversation. We’re here to learn from you too.

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For this wiki, we drew inspiration from an organizational concept that has helped us express our work in contextual, imperfect-by-design terms.

What’s a Digital Garden?

Research on digital gardens, wikis and learning in public

Our current thinking on what this space is.

About the Part and Sum OS

Jim’s Launch Tweet: on Systems

A set of guiding principles for sharing our ways of working.

OS Guiding Principles

What’s public, what’s not?