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A creative network comprising BUCK, VTProDesign, Giant Ant, Creative Lives in Progress, It’s Nice That, and Anyways, we share a belief in thinking bigger (and hopefully better) about the value of creativity and the role it occupies in all of our lives.

There’ll be more news and developments in the coming days but, as always, we wanted to make sure you heard it here first.


Part and Summaries

September 8, 2023: Is your BFCM strategy ready?

The Latest

Start Simply

We’re accelerating towards the final stretch of 2023 and this definitely isn’t the time for laurel-resting. With a holiday or cultural peg of some sort happening seemingly every week, this is your opportunity to plug into the right moments for your brand. Making the most of these occasions isn’t something you can stumble onto. Real growth results from thoughtful planning – and sticking the landing on BFCM means starting that planning today. (Seriously, don’t wait.)

What We’re Reading

Majority of Gen Z Teens watch YouTube ads – Almost Half can Recall Campaigns (Search Engine Land)

1 in 5 say it’s part of their daily routine.

Meta May Allow Instagram and Facebook Users in Europe to Pay to Avoid Ads (NYT)

Would you pay? If so, how much?

New Report Finds That Investment in Influencer Marketing Is Rising Faster Than Traditional Ads (Social Media Today)

And you guessed it - this threatens the impact of regular ads.

15 Black Friday Cyber Monday Email Campaign Examples + Results (Klaviyo)

With your customer survey results in hand, it’s time to start segmenting.

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Areas of Expertise

Impactful strategies are created by seeing through the eyes of your customer. Therefore, we foster full-stack expertise across innovation, customer experience, and reaching people through technology. This section includes the areas and disciplines we focus on most.

Part and Sum’s Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

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How We Work Together at Part and Sum

We believe in the creative power of systems thinking. Our ambition is to build the best environment for curious, smart, and driven people who want to practice their craft of helping client teams and each other figure it out. This section includes the structures and processes we build to support and power our team.