We’re guided by a powerful principle: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We’re obsessively customer/user/audience-centric.

Our insights are backed by data. We buy media to quickly generate the data needed to validate bets big and small.

We don’t just measure and benchmark performance on specific channels… we help model your business's broader financial picture.

Our approach is built on technical expertise, collaboration, and constant learning.

We’re flexible about team structure. We’ll even help transition our work in-house as you grow your team.

Our team acts as a fiduciary of your growth investments. We offer complete transparency and never charge agency fees.

Meet the team

Part and Sum was founded in 2018 and has team members in New York City and across the globe. We’ve supported more than 70 clients in five countries, and across dozens of industries.

The Part and Sum team has deep experience in strategy, innovation, growth, and data. In addition to our full-time experts, we have a wide network of creators, makers, and thinkers who can supplement our skills as necessary.


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