Written by Rachael Sherman


We might be stuck inside, but the Part and Sum team is always exploring and learning. To share what we’ve learned, we are launching a YouTube channel! We’ll be covering everything under the sun involving growth, strategy and innovation.

Want to follow along? Here are some of our learnings so far:‍

How to Test Your Ideas Before You Build Them‍

The best way to know if people like and want your innovation ideas is to put them out in the world. In this tutorial, Jim explains 3 ways to test your next big ideas without taking on so much risk.


How to Use Dot Voting in Remote Workshops‍

Need to reach a consensus on strategies and marketing campaigns during a workshop? Try dot voting. In this tutorial, Cecilia demonstrates how to use Google Slides to give everyone a voice (and dot!).

How to Run a Causal Impact Analysis Using R Programming‍

Are you ever curious how a specific campaign, event or update has impacted website traffic? In this tutorial, Wesley explains how to run an analysis on website traffic with R Programming.

Behind the Scene


When looking for ways to share our learnings, we fell in love with one tool in particular: Loom.  We think using Loom is great because it allows users to easily communicate information while keeping it personal. By simultaneously recording both the user and their screen, it makes you feel like you are on a call with a real person. The ways to use Loom are endless, but we’ve used it to share knowledge, share our work with clients in a-synchronized ways, and even pitch new projects!

We’re also keeping an eye on a new video recording tool in beta testing, mmhmm. It gives the presenter the ability to create a green screen behind them, allowing for a more dynamic presentation experience. This is a game changer for presenting with a partner and interacting with on-screen elements.

Video voiceover is a super helpful way to share your thinking and personality in a world where we aren't able to hang out with each other.

We’ll be publishing new content regularly. If you have a particular topic you’d like covered, let us know!