Written by Jessie Gibson

Revenue forecasting can bring much-needed clarity to your business strategy. Part and Sum’s calculator will give you a sense of where you’re headed—and best of all, you can use it throughout the year as conditions change.

How to Use the 2021 Sales Projection Calculator

First, choose an outlook (very optimistic, optimistic, pessimistic or very pessimistic). The calculator will generate predictions for the next two quarters by using a weighted average of revenue change.

Next, input revenue data from the past six quarters. If applicable, perform separate calculations for ecommerce, retail and wholesale revenues. It’s important to know what percentage of total revenue is attributable to each sales channel.

How Do I Choose a Business Outlook?

You know your business best, but here are some questions to consider:

Try running your numbers through the calculator using different outlook settings. What’s the best case scenario? What’s the worst? Apply these insights to marketing, product development, innovation, logistics and more.

Get Your Revenue Forecast

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