Written by Jim Babb

Mixpanel integrates easily with paid media and CRM platforms (including Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Airship, Braze, and Iterable) so you can build cohorts and then pass them to other channels for targeting. Especially given the current landscape of changing data privacy policies, this is a great way to maximize value from whatever data you have. - Elliott, Principal, Digital Media

I’ve been using Mixpanel to uncover deep insights on what actions users are taking and where. It can help answer common questions like “Where are users falling off during my install to purchase flow?” or “Where are users falling off in my onboarding flow?” I use funnel reports to answer these questions and take measures to improve overall conversion rate. - Monish, Growth Marketer


Tips and Tricks

Begin with your baselines, then move on to more fancy, complex reports. You can slice and dice the same metric in multiple views to get a meaningful picture of user behavior. For example, for one of my client’s apps, I like to look at app sessions over time, by days of the week and hour of the day, and the total number of app sessions in a given time period. - Anath, Principal, Strategy

Before you start building charts, map out the most important events and hide the rest. This will save tons of time when you start building reports. Here’s how to do that:

This is really valuable when you’re sharing reports with multiple people or teams: Everyone can understand priorities and see what’s what at a glance. -Jessie, Growth Marketer

Okay, this is cool: Mixpanel recently came out with a new look up table feature. This would be useful if you wanted to overlay additional filters, but didn’t have events in place to achieve the granularity you want. I’m going to be playing around with this a lot. - Monish

Depending on how your events are configured, you may be measuring a unit of time in seconds or milliseconds. What happens if you want to display your data in minutes? That's where formulas come in. Example: For a standard seconds to minutes conversion, take your event label and divide by 60. - Anath


When discovering new segments, you can use distribution to break different user behaviors down by events. So, for example, instead of just seeing total page views, you can find out how many people viewed one site page, how many viewed two pages, and so on. Adjust the time frame setting to see how distributions change, or how the patterns you see compare to past user behavior. - Jessie

Additional Resources

Mixpanel's YouTube channel is worth checking out. There’s everything from quick feature demos to workshops that help you define your key metrics. A personal favorite, just for entertainment value: Mixpanel employees asking their friends and family to explain what product analytics actually is.  - Julie, managing director