It’s only been a few months, but many ecommerce businesses have already felt the impact of ATT’s limitations on data tracking. Like most people, I’m a fan of privacy protections—but I recognize the challenge this presents for brands that rely on Facebook ads to power part of their omnichannel marketing strategies.

Around this time last year we published 4 Reasons Businesses Should Be Wary of Facebook Shops. I’ve been weighing the tradeoffs ever since. On the one hand, there’s a clear advantage to opting into shops: Facebook and Instagram have made it easy to bring ecommerce to your community. Do it right, and you could see increased engagement, deeper loyalty, and more sales. Enabling Checkout on these apps seems like a simple next step, but it’s actually a significant change that separates you from your customer data, making it harder to build off-platform relationships.

So… is Checkout on Facebook and Instagram worth it?




My colleague Elliott recently made the case for going all-in on Facebook shopping. Facebook prioritizes on-platform engagement, and we all know that what Facebook wants, it tends to get. Besides, as more ecommerce hooks in to the Facebook ecosystem, Facebook’s data power could ultimately benefit brands and advertisers.